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    “Arduino Raspberry 16 Sensor Kit” is a set of equipment including an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi and a selection of 16 different sensors. The kit could be designed to allow users to build various projects involving interactions with the environment. Sensors are electronic devices that measure variations in the physical environment and convert them into actionable electrical signals. They can detect different types of data, like temperature, humidity, brightness, motion, etc.

    Kit contents:

    • 1x DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
    • 1x PIR motion sensor HC-SR501
    • 1x DS1302 Real Time Clock Module
    • 1x Rain Sensor
    • 1x Wire Sensor
    • 1x Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04
    • 1x Flame sensor
    • 1x KY-008 Laser Head Sensor
    • 1x Sensitive Photoelectric Resistance Sensor
    • 1x YL-69 Soil Moisture Sensor
    • 1x Obstacle avoidance sensor
    • 1x Vibration sensor
    • 1x MQ-2 gas sensor
    • 1x Super Regenerative Module 315M
    • 1x Tilt Sensor
    • 1x Route Swivi Module

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